Advent Calendar Ballot

We are humbled and extremely grateful for your overwhelming support of our first ever Spice Advent Calendar! After we recovered from the initial website crash, the presale calendars then sold out in just 4 minutes.

We’ve tried to move heaven and earth in order to produce more calendars, and unfortunately, this hasn’t been possible. We know we do not have enough calendars for everyone. In the spirit of fairness and equal access to the remaining 2021 Spice Advent Calendars, we’ve taken care in making a new plan. There will now be a random ballot allocation giving everyone the same opportunity to purchase one calendar.

You can sign up to be part of the ballot process below. The ballot will be drawn next Thursday 28 October. If you’re successful, you’ll receive special instructions and have until noon on Friday 29 October to log onto this site and purchase your calendar. 

Read our FAQs for more information.